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surprising to see all that happen. >> reporter: you're taking a live look from our chopper that have pig piece of scaffolding being tugged away to the port of oakland. two crane operators and an ironworker we're told were on board each of the two cranes involved in this incident. another tait ironworkers were on the secured portion of the scaffolding when that piece of scaffolding came down. certainly had either the crane or the 129-ton piece of scaffolding fallen on anyone, it would have been really bad. now, i am told that the contractor, which is a joint venture between two companies called american bridge and floor are working with the u.s. coast guard to try to determine what went wrong. until they do, i'm told the scaffolding work will remain suspended. work on the deck of the eastern span is expected to resume tomorrow. .reporting live on treasure island, i'm jodi hernandez nbc
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bay area news. >> thank you. so who's responsible? more details now about the company that operates the crane and other vendors on this project. nbc bay area's investigative unit is digging into the history of these companies and we found revealing information about their past. reporter stephen stock joins us from our newsroom. a lot of talk about the contractors and the safety records. what have you found out? >> raj, the crane as you heard from jodi is operated through a joint operations is agreement between two of the largest construction companies in the country, a group called american bridge company based out of pennsylvania and an even larger corporation called floor enterprises based outside dallas, texas. according to data from the department of labor, oh shas inspectors investigated four complaints against fleur and american blij two safety complaints lodged against them
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as well as one accident, an accident that involved the death of a worker who apparently fell off a bridge during construction in kentucky back in 2008. according to sec filings, fleur enterprises has offices in 25 different countries and reported revenues of $23 billion envelope 2011. it has about 43,000 employees worldwide. it also boasts on its website that it was voted one of the world's most ethical companies and is one of the safest companies of its kind in the world. fleur and american bridge do big business with the u.s. government. according to federal government records, fluor has received $19.6 billion in federal contracts and awards. $2 billion just last year. american bridge is a bit smaller with revenues of only $12 million and only 1 employees. even so, american bridge landed $356 million worth of federal government contracts.
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we discovered that these two companies often work together on big complicated projects around the company. projects just like the bay bridge construction that's going on now. we'll keep digging and let you know what else we find. raj. >> stephen, thank you. that's the biggest public project in california state history. once again our live nbc chopper over the screen right now. that crane collapsed in the noon hour today but even right now, it's an active scene as they're disseaming that crane and moving it away from the location underneath the new eastern span of the bay bridge. we'll continue to follow this story as well as the contractors on the story and you can follow the story on our website at >> thank you. things got wild this morning with a fiery shoot-out and crash on the strip. one of the victims is oakland native and rapper kenny clach. we found this video. in it you can see it filmed on the strip. pay attention to the car. it's a gray maserati.
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it's important because police say this incident began at 4:30ing this morning when someone in a black range rover opened fire on his maserati killing him. it sped out of control crashing into a taxicab which exploded killing the cabbie and his passenger. three other people were hurt when the explosion caused a chain reaction crash happening near the las vegas strip near the fla min goal hotel. the search is on for thing black range rover. it may have started with an altercation in the valet section of a nearby hotel. >> the fbi says it came up empty after six weeks of excavating the second well in search for victims of the speed creek killers. the site has been filled in. if late today, agents updated reporters. a dig a year ago found several sets of remainses. wesley shermantine and herzog were nicknamed the killers after a drug spree in the '80s and
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'90s. sherman tine led investigators to the first ban donned well. weeks ago, he told agents they were digging in the wrong place. the fbi says he was wrong than there were no wells at the places he marked on a map. >> the u.s. supreme clourt hear arguments on same-sex marriage next weeks. the arguments of two california couples with among those the justices consider. the couples who filed the supreme court brief are the same four people who left the challenge against prop 8 here in california. the city of san francisco file would a brief saying prop 8 was discriminatory. the court will hear the case march 26th. what will president obama do? will he get involved with the debate? mr. obama has stated that same-sex couples should have equal rights. when asked whether he will take a position in the high court case, the president said only that the solicitor general was looking into it, and he had no further comment. >> employees in the south bait need your help to identify a
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serial bank robber linked to five heists starting january 8. since then he's robbed four other banks, the latest on tuesday in santa clara. they're releasing surveillance photos of him in action hoping someone will recognize the man. he's described being about 35 with a muscular build. three of the branchs were wells fargo branches and they're offering rewards leading to the man's arrest. at what the cost, clean-up? the city of san jose is shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to take care of its continuing problem with homeless encampments. damian trujillo uncovered that how much the cash strapped city is pouring into this problem. >> it is a lot of money and it's going to cost a lot more with the size of this place. this is a huge vacant lot right below the approach of airliners fly into sjc. about 100 homeless are scattered
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about and are about to be evicted. >> he's not here by choice. scott wilson says he'd rather have a real roof over his head but the economy sends him here. >> my ex-fiancee and i were buying a home less than a mile from here, and balloon payments and foreclosure and the bankers ought to be made to sleep out here a couple of nights just to see how we feel. >> wilson has been living offspring sfeet in san jose for a few months but now he and his neighbors have to go. >> there's a number of concerns we're worried about. the safety of the neighborhood, the environment, and the people that are actually living outside and having to endure this really, really cold winter. >> reporter: the city's homeless encampment czar says a partnership with various agencies is trying to find some sort of housing options for the homeless. including emergency shelters. >> i don't know where i'll go. but i will do something. >> the clean-up of encampments costs the city between $5,000 and $10,000 per day, depending
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on the size. then there's ray bram son's parttime salary, which is $8,480 per year. >> why not just post a ranger out here and charge campsite fees? mean, the city's screaming it has no money. i'll pay $100 a month. i get my exercise, it's not much. >> public campgrounds have been a concept ta communities have tried over the years. ultimately we feel they're not cost effective and don't serve the needs of anyone very well in the long run. >> reporter: so next week the city will give the homeless on spring seat 72 hours before they move in and tear down their tent city. sometimes that cost can reach $15,000 per day for that clean-up. the mayor's office says it knows that the clean-up process is labor and cost -- it's actually it's labor and cost intensive throughout the city of san jose. he says that's why they have to work collaboratively to make
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sure this is addressed appropriately. >> the damian, thank you. today, dozens of students and members of the united immigrants movement gathered also in san jose but in downtown san jose. they want immigration reform pass this had year. this is the first major rally if the county in this pivotal year for reform. the students want to strengthen families, community and the economy by creating a fair pathway for permanent residency and citizenship. >> breaking the bank. a local mansion is on the market for, are you ready, 100 mil. but there's a catch. we'll explain the unusual circumstances. >> also, will they stay in oakland or go to san jose? the new report on the a's potential move to the south bay. >> and insiders tell the investigative unit about california's toxic secret and how it's been going on for decades. >> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the bay area "weather center." plenty of sunshine today. temperatures close to 70 degrees. san rafael with 67, napa also at
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63. quite a bit of pollen. we'll let you know the latest on the pollen forecast for tomorrow coming up in just a few minutes.
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new tonight, lawmakers are now demanding a senate investigation after our report which exposed flaws at the department of toxic substances control. >> that's the state agency charged with protecting our health and environment from toxic waste. .investigative reporter vicky nguyen first revealed the allegations last night and joins us now with more on this breaking story. >> jess and raj, this letter went to debbie rafael this morning from the chair of the senate appropriations committee. in it state senator kevin day leon says he's asked for an investigation into the allegations we exposed. he says "it's disturbing to see current employees feel compelled to mask their i'd sit out of fear of retaliation or
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disgusting dtsc enforcement practices." we've just learned alan corbett is also asking is the agency for an explanation. she says she's outraged but what she saw in our report. as we told you last night, the dtsc has 1,000 employees and a $200 million budget, but insiders tell us the department isn't failing to protect us from companies that pollute. >> california has some of the strictest anti-pollution laws in the nation. but sources in the department of toxic substances control say those laws are being ignored. >> the expectation the public has to be protected is not being served. >> they asked to be disguised but say they're breaking their silence because breakdowns are costing communities their health. >> people are getting sick, people are dying and the community members are crying out for a -- we're not doing enough. we're allowing it to happen.
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>> reporter: they point to evergreen oil. the company recycles is used motor oil and government records show it has a history of polluting. oil spills, explosions, major fires, including this one in 2011. we found hundreds of complaints stretching back to 1987. residents reporting difficulty breathing and nausea. >> sinuses would burn and it just -- you just didn't feel like you could work outside. >> they've denied, denied it, denied it, i do not think they're being regulate the very well at all. >> reporter: evergreen has been cited by multiple local agencies for everything from leaked fumes to high levels of arsenic in wastewater. sources say the dtsc could revoke their permit but instead gave it a series of small fines. it the dtse says it's oversight is limited. >> we have the ability to look at both air and water and we're not doing a good enough job and we're trying to pawn off our responsibilities. >> in 2000, whenever evergreen
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was accused of illegal little burning pcbs, a chemical linked to cancer, the company settled for $825,000. but instead of cash, they allowed evergreen to pay nearly half its fine in other ways, including equipment donation to the fire department. >> these fines amount to a pin pick on the hide of an elephant. >> lisa tucker consumer advocate authored this scathing report. >> people inside know that there is extensive pollution in some of these instances that can harm people and they do nothing about it. and that is outrageous. >> will you stop and chat with us? >> i actually can't stop. >> debbie rafael is the dtsc director. we caught up with her after the agency reneged on its offer to provide an interview with staff. >> what do you say to folks frustrated and feel like their health is at risk. >> i would say that quite a lot happens and that we are always open and my door is always open if people feel like the people who work for me are not being
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responsive, i want to know about it. >> but those live near fibrotech in southern california say she does know their concerns. many here say the hazardous waste recycler is poisoning their groundwater with the hexavalent chromium the same chemical at the heart of erin brockovich. >> yes, the water is poisonous. >> my family had five members and four of us had cancer. >> in a letter fibrotech says it didn't cause the contamination but is cleaning up. shirley wants to know why the company is using a permit that expired 16 years ago. it says it's working to renew the permit. >> how would you assess the permitting and enforcement happening right now? what kind of letter grade? >> that's a great question. i don't have a letter grade. >> the day after our interview, director rafael sent out this internal memo telling staff 22 of the state's 118 license facilities are working with outdated permits and writes the
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agency must review the permitting program. when it comes to the transportation of hazardous waste, sources say record keeping is so bad, regulators don't really know which toxic substances are going where. we analyzed the last 13 years of dtsc reports and found 44% of the entries listed blank or unknown when it came to what type of toxic waste was being transported. >> who's looking to see if you've got a shipment of methylethylgoing to disneyland? >> part of the problem would be dtsc's staff itself, a state audit found 59% are not in the correct jobs. that's six times what the state says is acceptable. >> people were given positions who weren't qualified. >> sources say the department needs real reform and soon. >> it requires accountability, transparency, and results. >> i've got to go. >> so you will sit down with us at a later date for a proper interview. >> >> you bet. >> we appreciate it.
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thank you. >> and we will follow up with the director once her review of dtsc is complete. evergreen oil had no comment and a lot of fast-moving developments on this. we'll look forward to more of our reporting. >> very good. a report with a lot of impact. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the uni unit >> time to check in with jeff ranieri. i say the day was a b plus. >> i thought you were going to say an "a." we were trying so hard back in the "weather center." let's get a look. let's see maybe how you rate it back here at home. 67 in san rafael. that was an a in my book, maybe not 62 in santa rosa. 58 in san jose, 26 in concord. all in all here, a lot of sunshine, very enjoyable outside. here was the only hitch in the forecast. winds pretty blustery near the coastline, also for the south and east bay, wind gusts that went as high as 25 to 35 miles
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per hour. that kicked around any kind of pollen in the atmosphere. everything blooming at this point either moderate to high. it looks like it's going to stay that way over the next 24 hours. you can see from palo alto we're pointed right up towards the sky. a little bit of mid level cloud cover and we'll take you off to the north. you can see in foster city, it is a clear view as that sunsets and then we bring you newspaper emeryville. this has been gorgeous tonight. it's another one to come to your tv and take a look at this one. maybe get a shot of that tv and frame that sucker. high pressure sitting is offshore is going to save us from any kind of storm activity. that is just a few hundred miles away. washington and oregon getting rainfall but for us as the high pressure moves in, it's going to provide a slight offshore flow keeping it more on the mild side for a few spots in the bay area with hazy sunshine and that high pollen as we talked about and air quality going up into the
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moderate levels throughout friday and also on saturday. your temperatures start like this, at the coastline, mid 40s, few areas of patchy fog. 42 by the bay at 8:00 a.m. for the interior valleys we're looking at 38. by the afternoon, throughout the tri-valley and also the silicon valley, temperatures in the mid 60s with mostly sunny skies. nice way to finish the workweek. saturday's forecast, a bits more on-shore flow, morning fog. sunshine by the afternoon on your saturday. full on sunshine as we head throughout sunday's forecast. from the "weather center," we want to update you with some of the latest dry trend in january and february. we are now finding a drought developing throughout parts of northern california, that includes all of the bay area. just as we thought, we definitely need more rainfall. but again, some big headlines coming out of the weather center. >> okay, thank you very much, jeff. still ahead tonight, a group of college students to root for on oscar night. how a bay area school helped boost the best picture nominee.
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>> the medical treatments that you might not need. >> and moving in the right direction. a notable first for governor brown in his term as governor.
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it has been a long and odd process, but tonight there is chatter about the oakland a's moving to the south bay. san jose's mayor is reacting to new reports about the move. "the l.a. times"" reports the baseball commissioner's office has given the a's a tentative guideline for the move. mayor chuck reed says it makes economic sense because major league baseball is spending millions of dollars to subsidize the a's right now and mayor reed says that that would not be necessary if the a's moved to san jose with the gold mine of business in the south bay, according to reed. there's still no guarantee that the team will be allowed to move because the giants, as you probably know, own the territorial rights to santa clara county and may continue to block the a's. >> he's doing okay. that seems to be the verdict for the governor.
6:24 pm
jerry brown's ability to mitigate california's budget deficit has earned him his highest approval level since being elected in 2011. according to a new poll, his approval rating jumped to 57%. 12% had no opinion. survey also found the highest number of voter who's think the state is headed in the right direction the first time since the summer of 2007. >> you need time and money for this story. the recession forced a lot of senior citizens to get creative about keeping their homes. a peninsula man is willing to sell his 47-acre hisboro estate for the bargain price of $100 million. but there's a catch. the buyer can't move in till after the 76-year-old owner dies. the man grew up in the mansion built by his grandfather in 1918. once again, this is hillsborough. he want to the leave the mansion. but he could use some cash now. the realtor says a comparable
6:25 pm
property nearby sold for 117 mil. anyone with a lot of patience might consider grabbing the property for just about 100 mil. >> still ahead, local walking trail becomes the focus of a police investigation. the two incidents that have police concerned. >> also ahead, want to take a cryptology class interest stanford or maybe a writing class from duke? you can do it for free. now you can thanks to a bay area startup. up next, ivy league classes at your fingertips. >> i'm janelle wang. a twist in the oscar pistorius case. the latest tonight.
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a surprising wist in the oscar pistorius murder case. the lead investigator in the case has been kicked off because he's facing criminal charges of his own. >> janelle wang is here with our
6:28 pm
world tonight. >> jessica and raj, the top detective is facing seven charges of attempted murder for a shooting in october 2011. south african police say hilton botha and two other officers fired at the wheels of a mini bus carrying seven passengers during an alleged drunken incident. the chief appointed a new detective to lead the pistorious case. >> he is the most senior detective. this matter shall receive attention at a national level. >> pistorious is charged with premeditated murder after his model girlfriend was found shot to death in his home on valentine's day. he says he thought it was a burglar. day three of his bail hearing wrapped up today and the chief magistrate is expected to give a verdict tomorrow whether he should be released on bail until his murder trial begins. nike also announced today it has suspended its contract with the olympic track star. overseas a deadly day in the capital city of syria.
6:29 pm
a car bomb killed over 50 people and injured 230 in damascus. the explosion appeared to target the nearby headquarters of syrian's ruling baath party. but most of the dead were civilians, many women and children. the syrian government and rebels are accusing each other for the attack. nato is strongly considering a proposal tonight to keep afghan force at their peak strength of 350,000 until at least 2018. right now, nato plans to cut the force by one-third at the end of next year. nato says the new proposal would guarantee the country stability and illustrate its support after nato allies, including the u.s. and their combat mission in afghanistan in december 2014. jessica? >> thank you, janelle. family and friends said good-bye to a 13-year-old fairfield girl murdered earlier this month. janelle conway was buried this afternoon. meanwhile in solano county court, the man accused of killing her entered his plea. no cameras were allowed as
6:30 pm
anthony lamar jones made a brief appearance. his public defender pled not guilty to the charge of murder on his behalf with special circumstances which means he is eligible for the death penalty if convicted. conway disappeared january 31st. . her naked body was found the next morning in fairfield. his next court appearance is scheduled for next wednesday. >> two women say they were assaulted near the b.a.r.t. station in south san francisco. now police are trying to find out if it was the same man. these were two separate incidents. in the first case, a 19-year-old japanese exchange student was grabbed as she walked south on centennial trail after getting off at the nearby b.a.r.t. station at around 5:30 yesterday evening. that's when a man grabs her. she was able to get away. then about 21/2 hours later in the same location, a 31-year-old female jogger was chased by a man. in both incidents the men asked for the women's names, but descriptions of the two men are different. new details about the
6:31 pm
looming spending cuts in congress. the clock is ticking but president obama and congresses are apparently still at a standstill. at issue, finding a way to avoid $85 billion in automatic across the board cuts known as the sequester. neither side is reporting progress in their talks. democrats want to close tax loopholes on the oil industry and raise taxes on millionaires. republicans want more deficit reduction. if no deal is reached, the cuts go into effect march 1st. >> some education headlines for you now. fast tracking teacher credentials is the goal of a new bill introduced in the legislature. right now candidates need a bachelor's degree and a year of graduate school to earn a credential. but a senator senior proeszing is students who earn a bachelor's degree in education immediately qualify for the credential. data shows nearly one in ten california teachers don't really have the proper credentials for the subjects they're teaching. so the bill's author says the
6:32 pm
bill would put better prepared teachers into the classroom faster and allow graduate teaching programs to expands from one to two for students who were not education majors. how would you like to take a writing class at an ivy league school? you can for free at a website called core sarah. it made headlines this month when some of its online classes were demand worthy of college credit. but it also made news when a respected professor opted out mid chorus. in tonight's class action taking a course at core sarah. >> anatoly ivanov isn't just hanging out at the bean scene in sunnyvale. he's focused on his cryptology class from stanford. the one he takes from his laptop anywhere he pleases. and he's not the only student skipping the student union for a brew shop. >> today, we're at over 2.5 million students. >> andrew is the co-founder of
6:33 pm
the online education cop coursrera. >> how things work is about every day life. >> everything happens online. professors from colleges around the country give lectures. students take quizes, exams and exchange ideas in online discussions. >> you until recently, it meant in-depth learning from renowned professors with just a certificate from core sarah. but with the american council on education giving it its stamp of approval it could mean real credit for your transcript. >> they made a positive recommendation. what that means is that students will now be able to take our courses and have them potentially be transferred for credit. >> for the first time ever, students who complete select classes from duke, the university of pennsylvania, and uc-irvine can ask for college credit. but there is a catch. it's up to the schools to decide if they'll accept it. >> there are certainly some kinds, of course,s for which it
6:34 pm
makes perfect sense. >> keith devlin teaches a math class on core sarah be awhile a fan of online ed, he is cautious about giving college credits. >> learning something remotely in your home will get you some things and for some disciplines it's fine. but i don't see it as being the replacement for colleges and universities. >> reporter: devlin thinks campuses create small group interactions with professors that can't be replicated online. >> i know some of my colleagues found it really disconcerting teaching a class where there were no students in front of them. >> just this week a uc professor publicly quit core sarah halfway through his class overdisagreements how to teach the course. another hiccup? technology blunders. earlier this month, the class was canceled because of technical problems. >> i think all of us are in the process of inventing what online courses look like. along the way, there will be missteps. >> not deterring core sarah or its legion of students and
6:35 pm
teachers. >> the fact i was going to get 65,000 students who didn't come to me because i could give them a piece of paper but came because they wanted to learn mathematics, that was the rush for me. >> now, as for the cost of getting that college credit for the core sarah course, it's not clear yet what universities might charge. we have a follow-up now on a story class action brought you to two weeks ago about the proposed plan to overhaul is the state's standardized test. ditching the new bubble test for new more computerized in-depth states. yesterday it was announced by the state more than 1100en california schools will be pilot testing the smarter balance test through may. san mateo, coop your tino and is san jose are all taking part. the state wants all 6 million california students taking the new assessment by the 2014-2015 school year. >> struggling to stay alive but good news from one of the bay area's most notable companies. hewlett packard is showing some positive gains in the stock
6:36 pm
market. shares of the tech giant shot up by more than 6% after a better than expected earnings report. hp's ceo meg whitman says her plan to cut costs and gradually turn the company's fortunes around is working. she also says she has no plan to break up hp. >> still ahead medical tests you may not need. >> also, we'll take you inside a bay area classroom that could soon be celebrating oscar glory. >> and thawing things out before spring training reports. >> i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center with all this sunshine, we have decreasing air quality going to moderate levels for the north and also the east bay on your friday. here's a look at that friday forecast. sunshine will return after a little bit of morning fog at the coastline. back with that full seven-day in a few minutes.
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in health matters tonight, today 17 major medical specialty groups issued a list of 90 overused and often unnecessary tests and treatments. here are some of the recommendations made. don't induce labor do a c-section before 39 weeks unless medically necessary. delivery before that time is associated with increased risk of respiratory problems for the infant. don't treat children under the age of 4 with cough and cold medicines. studies show they can cause serious side effects in kids. don't do annual pap tests in women 30 to 65 years of age who are not at a high risk for cervical cancer. it should only be done every three years in women 21 to. >> what kind of tomatoes do you eat, organic tomatoes contain more nutrients than those
6:40 pm
conventionally grown. a new study compared the weights and properties. organic tomatoes contained higher concentrations of vitamin c, sugars and anti-oxidants. researchers speculate the increased stress organic plants are put under to fend off pests without chemicals may increase the differences. >> high levels of lycopene. >> beautiful day outside. >> a little bit of cloud cover. a lot of sunshine. >> she gave you a b plus before. >> yes. i want a star. do i get a gold star? all right. let's get a look. looking beautiful. we'll talk more about that golden sunshine and how long it lasts coming up in just a few minutes. you can't move the tv there.
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yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
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okay. with the oscars this sunday, who needs hollywood? the bay area continues to make a major impact in the movie business, not just our local heavyweights like pixar and dream works. how about a local college. >> scott bud mann went to class today to meatal lented visual effect students who helped make a small movie go big. >> i'm your daddy. it's my job to take care of you. >> the movie "beasts of the southern wild" took a lot of people by surprise when it became a multiple oscar nominee. >> just make it a little more green. >> among those who had confidence in the film, the school of animation and visual
6:43 pm
effects here at san francisco's academy of art university. >> go back to the color correction. >> the class which calls itself studio 400 a for short worked on the film's special effects. not bad when you're hoping for a job in the industry. >> it's really helpful to have shots like this on your resume when you go out into the real world. >> i put my name on the credit. it was like feeling like i really did something and i have feeling that i can do something after i graduate and that felt really good snfr the students are responsible for many of the movie's visual effects working countless hours to make the movie look just right even though beasts was made on a budget of less than $2 million. >> that's sort of the idea is that we help struggling filmmakers connect them with students, they get really great footage. the students get for their portfolio, and we help independence filmmakers in the process get their films done and their stories told. >> when we started working on
6:44 pm
it, we had no idea how this was going to turn out. beat literalrily had to idea because the budget was really small. the director needed help with visual effects so he askeded a lot of us to do work on it. >> a big screen success story with a big boost everywhere bay area students with their eyes on the future. >> those base values that you learn in here and a little bit more will help you like segue straight into their own pipeline and it will be like second nature basically. >> in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> what an accomplishment. congratulations to them. >> if they win the oscar, they will forget about us on monday. >> that they will. >> let's bringing in our chief meteorologist as we head towards the weekend. >> a little bit of wind. 15 to 30 miles per hour. the primary forecast issue has not been the sunshine but the pollen in the atmosphere. mod rat to high levels continues through the next 24 hours.
6:45 pm
we think it's going to look like this through sunday with no immediate rain in the forecast. let's get you outside to the sky camera network. it is pitch black down in san jose. we have clear skies. we'll move you up to the north and what you're going to find along the peninsula can foster city, the sun is still slowly going down, a little bit more light there. we also move you up into san francisco and well, mainly dark but it's going to be a nice night out in the city. not a lot expected in the way of fog here as we head throughout the next 24 hours. he the jet stream pushing to the south. this is great. this is what we want. but unfortunately, it's not going to move far enough to the south to give us rainfall throughout friday and saturday. if you want sunshine for this upcoming weekend, high pressure is here to save your saturday and sunday. cloud cover mixing in but overall a real enjoyable next 48 hours. it's going to stay cool at the coastline with widespread 50s, a little bit of fog and back to the interior valleys mainly 60s. even a few spots will pop up
6:46 pm
into the upper 60s for parts of friday. otherwise, for tonight, it will be cool but not as cold as it was two nights ago. remember weep had the low 30s. 42 in oakland. 39 in the san jose. let's get you into the friday forecast. in the south bay, 63 in san jose, 64 in morgan hill, mid 60s in gilroy. 64 in milpitas, not quite as warm for the east bay. a little bit of a colder start. you'll have a harder time warming up. walnut creek going to be one of the warmer spots with 63. san francisco at 61, then up to santa rosa, 65, also sonoma expecting 65. the 3 day forecast in here, we'll have plenty of sunshine for friday. on saturday the only hitch to your weekend, a slight onshore flow in the morning hours, a little bit of drizzle expected. sunshine by the afternoon. and sunny weather for sunday. that's the best day on that
6:47 pm
weekend. then as we look at that much rest of the seven-day forecast, dry as we head throughout next week. unfortunately in the weather department, no rain to add to the forecast so that's going to keep those allergy problems at issue. i'm going to keep the allergy medication very close to me the next couple of days. bad out there, guys. >> thank you, jeff. the whole point of spring training for the giants, a's and other teams, you train in the middle of winter where the sun shines but the sun is not shining in arizona. in fact, it's snowing down there. nbc bay area's lauren scott is with the giants in scottsdale. >> thank you so much. greetings from arizona. busy and thrilling times here with the giants as they get ready for the cactus league opener and get in workouts before the players disburse for the world baseball classic. >> each day at sunrise in arizona be it a day marked by rain or shine, the giants have to be ready for whatever is thrown their way, even ice in the outfield. the field cell is always up for
6:48 pm
the challenge. >> we do a lot of smoke and mirrors just to try to get by for this 45-day stretch. when the team breaks, you know, it's back to a little bit of normcy. >> josh is the giants arizona field operations manager and explains what makes this particular spring training home so unique. >> so many players on one field. we're not set up with eight to ten fields. we really have two to two and a half. our minor leaguers are about a mile and a half away where it's really tough to rotate foot traffic. >> spring training in scottsdale this year goes well beyond the cactus league games as the opening rounds of the world baseball classic begin just over a week from now. the semifinals and finals will be held at at&t park in tmiddles of march. >> it would be real nice to win the thing since is the u.s.
6:49 pm
hasn't won it yet, it would be very cool to be a part of the first u.s. team to win the tournament. so i'm excited about it. >> and keep an eye out for the new batting helmets the players will be wearing throughout the season. safety and good fit the considerations and no longer hard plastic. these helmet shells are made out of carbon fiber composite. >> they're pretty hard. they feel they will protect much more, you know. they're more compact. and you know, hopefully it's a good answer for us to be safe. >> again the cactus league opener this saturday against the angels right here at scottsdale stadium. the giants are ready, they're getting the field ready. so much going on right here. back to you in the studio. >> let's go from baseball to basketball. jim kozimor joins us live from the sports net newsroom. hey, jim. >> let's get it going with the nba. nba trade deadline day today. the whole nba world stop, waited for a major deal to come through
6:50 pm
that could change the balance of power heading towards the playoff. well, that deal didn't happen. the warriors made two minor moves. to save money they sent jeremy tyler to the hawks for a second-round pick and jenkins to the philadelphia 76ers for another second-round pick. remember jenkins is the player the warriors kept last year when they let jeremy lind go free. now they have nothing to show for the two guards but a seconds round draft pick. the future of backup quarterback alex smith is still not clear. one thing we do know is alex had dinner with 49ers general margin trent bal can i sometime after the super bowl to talk about his future. matt is at the nfl combine in indianapolis with what came from that dinner. >>. >> well, they just wanted to get on the same page and see where everybody was coming through. alex smith expressed what he wanted to see happen. balke expressed the 49ers
6:51 pm
standpoint. they came to the understanding the 49ers would do what's best for the 49ers while also trying to meet alex smith's needs. to me that means they'll try to work out a afraid with alex smith and try to get some compensation for him and they can do that beginning march 1th when the new league year starts. up to that point he'll remain with the team. whatever the trade market value is for alex smith that will dictate the next step in this whole process. >> all right. let's head to the desert where the oakland athletics are preparing to defend their a.l. west crown in order to make it to the biggs, you have to work pretty darn hard and do things that are kind of crazy to keep you going. the a's are having a beard growing competition. it seems like there's a leader in the clubhouse. >> and we saw the many changes last year. so this is just another starting point to see where it's going to take me. >> the beard, i don't think i'm winning. >> he has got a pretty mean
6:52 pm
beard. >> redick and barton showed up with an offensive lineman beard. >> b.a.r.t.y's, his is phenomenal. >> barton's putting a late surge in. >> mine's here to stay. >> according to derrick, apparently he's going to keep his. >> length isn't always it. go with uniformity. >> so full. i wish i could do that. >> they were on me all year last year to grow it out. i tried. hopefully it will fill in once i hit puberty. >> it's so red and takes such a long time. >> i'm going to do my best to keep it as long as i can. if i can make it to spring takening, i ought to be make it to the season. >> i too would grow that training camp beard. in fact, it would make me look about seven years older because if i did it, it would take me seven years to grow you one. i have the baby face. how about between raj, jeff and i? we got no shot at winning this thing. >> not at all. if you did, ted briggs would run you out of town. >> he's looking for a reason to do it. i'm not going to give him one.
6:53 pm
>> for a full half hour of sports coverage, watch "sportsnet central" o bay area tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
coming up tonight at 11:00, the investigative unit is getting answers from the highest ranking member of the california national guard. >> let's bring in our chief reporter tony kovalesky. theage tachbt general had several opportunities to answer your questions and turned them all down. what happens now? >> dating back to last october, we asked general bad win to address concerns raised by more than a dozen members of his guard and declines our offers to sit down and hear hear their concerns. this past suns we met him on his
6:56 pm
way to a public appearance in san francisco. >> general baldwin, tony kobe less ski, nbc bay area. do you have a few minutes to talk to us. >> as we walk down to the hotel. >> they say you haven't answered questions about sexual harassment, racism or retaliati retaliation. >> all their allegations have been investigates by outside independent experts. >> tonight at 11:00, our investigation continues to take you behind the gates of the guard. we ask why general baldwin has avoided our questions and the issues raised by members of the california national guard. that's coming up tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. raj? >> thank you, tony. we look forward to seeing that tonight. have a tip, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the united state states >> jeff, as we head into tonight and tomorrow morning. >> we've got it covered for you here. tomorrow, mid 60s and plenty of
6:57 pm
sunshine. also that high pollen for sated. morning fog and drizzle. but plenty of sunshine through the afternoon on saturday and sunday. enjoy your evening. hope to see you back here at 11:00. >> bye-bye. [captioning made
6:58 pm
possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> now on "extra," josh brolin and diane lane surprise divorce news. what went wrong? "extra" interviews about their marriage. >> life in your house must be really good right now. >> and how many tens of millions are on the line. alec baldwin's wife defends her husband. >> nobody deserves to be harassed. >> why hilaria says he's been wrongly accused and her safety fears for her pregnancy. oscar's gun, the clues in this chilling new photo inside the blade runner's bedroom and why the lead cop on the case is facing his own attempted murder charges.
6:59 pm
fallen news anchor, rob morrison, drowning his sorrows at a bar after quitting his job in shame. >> voice mails are about to come out. >> the red carpet is going down, the statues going up, for sunday's oscars. >> which stars are ducking for cover for setting macfarlane's opening roast. and getting ready to play fashion police. >> you looking good, girl! >> "extra, extra." >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra" at the grove, i'm mario lopez. >> and i'm maria menounos. alec baldwin's wife says enough is enough. what she's calling the most hurtful thing reported about her husband. >> another a-list couple calling it quits. >> josh brolin and diane lane are divorcing. >> that's a shocker to me, both of them have talked openly about their marriage with "extra." about their marriage with "extra." eight years together, $85

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